American Standard is one of the biggest brands in the plumbing and bathroom markets. Their Champion models have become quite popular over the past few years, having become well known as the “no-clog” toilet.

These American Standard toilets are effective because of the design they use. Rather than a standard flap stopper, American Standard came up with a flush tower that lifts straight up, forcing water into the toilet bowl for an instant powerful flushing action.

They’re so confident in the design of the Champion series that they show them on their website filled with things like a bunch of golf balls, bunched-up rags and various other things. In spite of the amount of “stuff” in these toilets, they still drain just fine.

Champion toilets also have a larger outlet than many other toilets – 2 3/8″ – which allows more water to flow without any resistance. While the amount of water used per flush is the same as other toilets, at 1.6 gallons, the power is much more effective. The result being less clogs.

Another popular model that is similar to the American Standard Champion is the Crane Sure Flush toilet. It also uses a larger, flapperless flush valve and a larger trapway to avoid clogs.

Both Crane and American Standard toilets tend to get pretty good reviews from people who are using them. They start at roughly the $200 mark at most larger home centers, and the prices rise for the fancier models.

If you’re looking for reviews and feedback about American Standard or various other brands, there are several places you can look on the internet. lets people post reviews and ratings and is a good place to get feedback from people actually using the toilets.

Consumer Reports is another good source of comparison information. You might have to search through recent back issues to find the most recent review of toilets, but most public libraries have this magazine and keep back issues on file. You can also check their website to get the information online.

When buying a toilet you have a couple of options. Most home improvement stores, like Lowes or Home Depot, carry various models and brands of toilets, as do local plumbing supply stores. But if you know the specific model and brand you want, it can be less expensive to order online from or another website and have it delivered directly to your home.