Modern bathroom vanities have changed significantly from the ones you would have found, even just a few years ago. There are many different styles and designs, in various contemporary materials and finishes. Tempered glass is a popular material at the moment, with modern vanities offering glass countertops and even glass sinks.

The designs available will match almost any type of decor, whether you’re looking for something that looks like an antique chest or the most modern looking designs. There are also a wide variety of colors and patterns available to suit any bathroom.

Many modern bathroom vanities follow minimalistic styling cues, with no visible hardware on the cabinets. These type of vanities generally use touch latches for doors and drawers. Another popular option is to do away with the toe kick, giving the vanity the appearance of “floating”. Adding lighting underneath the vanity can also enhance this effect.

Regardless of the style and design you choose for your vanity, keep in mind that function is still important. If it doesn’t fulfill your needs, it isn’t going to matter how great it looks.

The primary function of a bathroom vanity is storage, in most cases. Taking advantage of the space under the sink for storage or even as a small linen cupboard is a sensible use of the space. However, if you choose a small vanity or even a pedestal sink with no storage, you can opt for alternative storage options like a corner cabinet or above-the-toilet shelves.

When choosing a vanity for your bathroom, one of the things you will need to decide on is its height. If the bathroom is going to be used by children regularly, 30″ is a good height to make it easily accessible for them. For adult use, most vanities range between 34 inches and 36 inches. A bathroom vanity should be tall enough that you can reach the sink comfortably, otherwise you will be bending over every time you use it.

Another consideration is the building material used. Ideally, your bathroom vanity should be made from plywood. Particleboard and MDF are not good materials because they will expand if they get wet. Even if the surface is well sealed against water damage, if you ever have a leak in the pipes or under the sink, it can damage the vanity.