When most people think of bathroom fixtures, the obvious things come to mind – bathtubs, toilets, showers and sinks. But there are other fixtures to choose as well, and many different styles and designs to choose from. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, or are building one from scratch, you’ve got a lot of options to consider.

Sinks come in various designs. You can choose a pedestal sink or a bathroom vanity. There are ceramic, stone, acrylic or even tempered glass sinks. And of course you also have various choices for bathroom faucets.

Even toilets come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. You can get high efficiency toilets that use less water per flush, self-flushing models and even designs that are made to fit in a corner.

Bathtubs also come in many different sizes and styles, from classic claw-foot tubs to the most modern jacuzzi designs. There are also specialty handicap bathtubs and walk-in designs for people who aren’t able to get in and out of a standard tub very easily.

Showers can be integrated with a bathtub or a separate stall. These shower stalls can be prefabricated units that come in one piece, ready to install, or they can be custom designed tile units, designed exactly the way you want.

When you’re remodelling a bathroom or designing one from scratch, you’ll have lots of decisions to make. Cost will probably be one factor you’ll have to consider, but make sure you keep function in mind as well. Many contemporary designs are more about form than function, and while they might look great, having bathroom fixtures that work for you is really more important. Finding a happy medium between the two is the ideal situation.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that your bathroom will likely be the same for years to come. Many modern designs that are in style today may not be for long, while more traditional styles – while not as impressive today – are more likely to remain stylish for years to come.