Rain shower heads are designed to create a water stream as close as possible to the way rain falls. They tend to have a larger flow than traditional shower heads, but the pressure is not always as high. Many rain shower heads are high-end, luxury models with a price to match.

These shower heads come in many different styles and designs. Some are ceiling mount units, to give you the full effect of rain falling from above, while others are integrated into spa-style shower systems. These systems are often made up of several shower heads, mounted at different heights to give you a full body massage sensation.

Some rain shower heads include led lights to give you a true “outdoor” experience. These high-tech heads also mix air in with the water to further emulate the feeling of rain falling from the clouds.

Some shower heads require a considerable amount of space for effective operation. The Rainsky E ceiling mounted shower head, for example, is over 32 inches wide and will need a shower large enough to make it effective.

Ceiling shower heads can be either flush mounted or hanging designs. Flush mounted models are recessed into the ceiling while hanging models can vary in size. Hanging shower heads give you more freedom of adjustability, while flush mount units have a cleaner look.

Some models, such as the Grohe Freehander, can even swivel between an overhead placement and a lower body-spray option. The shower heads are mounted on an arm that can be positioned freely, either above your head or down lower on your body.

Many rain shower heads are as much about form as they are function. There are some very artistic designs that are a perfect fit for the most modern bathroom designs. And the prices of some of these units are also quite luxurious, reaching into the thousands of dollars.

While some of these shower heads are priced out of reach of many people, they are becoming more affordable as companies expand their product lines. Many new homes are incorporating rain heads into their bathrooms, and that popularity leads the manufacturers to offer a wider and wider range of options.