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  • Men’s Accessories Necklace – NexG a Guide to Manliness

    Men are known for being masculine and self-driven person. This is because they put too much effort to look pleasantly to the other’s eyes. So, if they would feel comfortable and handsome at the same time, it would actually help them to be confident in a positive manner.

    However, it is inevitable that there are instances that men would feel like it’s the end of the world, because they didn’t seem to have the confidence in their self. Nevertheless, in Sattaj creations, men won’t felt that way, because of the variety of jewelries to choose from according to their own liking. This would help them to be boost their confidence, because a simple accessories jewellery could highlight the masculinity of a man.

    Here are few of the things that would help a man to be comfortable by just wearing a men’s accessory―necklace. Also see Men’s clothing collections for man’s comfort.

    Effortless Hunk

    If you are in doubt, choose the simplest necklace, because there’s a possibility that if you get pressured, your day won’t happen the way you expect them to be. When hesitant, this is already giving you signals of your never-ending what if’s, that would result to not feeling comfortable at all. The simplicity of a person could actually attract others. Even if the necklace doesn’t have so much colors in it, but what matters is how you wear and bring it as if you are slaying it. A hunk doesn’t require too much pressure of work on himself to look handsome.

    Metal Composition

    Honestly, there are different class of metal that is used in making a necklace for men. Some of which are depending on the purpose of using it and it could even give a reaction to the skin if there are allergic retort to the body. Even an accessory like necklaces always have a corresponding metal and usage, this is to have better complementation.
    Further, below are common types of metal that is used in making necklaces:

    • Silver – This type of metal requires more care because it easily gets tarnishes unlike the other precious metals. It consists of silver (92.5 percent) and copper (7.5 percent) in a frame of sterling silver.


    • Gold – A type of jewelry like gold is made up of other metals like silver, copper, nickel, zinc and an alloy of gold. The gold content is actually measured in Carats (ct) or Karats (K) and the more the content consists of higher proportion of any types of gold in its finest metal, the more it costs expensively.


    • Base Metal – Iron, copper, nickel and titanium are an example of base metals. They may be hammered beautifully in disc pendants, however they easily get brittled due to oxidation.

    Necklaces are for him also

    The idea of necklaces are for women only has been running for ages already and up to this day, most men would think that necklaces would make them look like gay. This is stereotyping already without any reliable and fact evidences. The reason why, most men would be very hesitant in going to a jewelry shop even if it’s intended for males.

    The things that were mentioned above are the guidelines in choosing necklaces to enhance confidence for men at the same time. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the way the necklace is carried in a handsome manner, in this way men’s accessories is a problem no more.

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  • Modern Designs Of Rain Shower Heads

    Rain shower heads are designed to create a water stream as close as possible to the way rain falls. They tend to have a larger flow than traditional shower heads, but the pressure is not always as high. Many rain shower heads are high-end, luxury models with a price to match.

    These shower heads come in many different styles and designs. Some are ceiling mount units, to give you the full effect of rain falling from above, while others are integrated into spa-style shower systems. These systems are often made up of several shower heads, mounted at different heights to give you a full body massage sensation.

    Some rain shower heads include led lights to give you a true “outdoor” experience. These high-tech heads also mix air in with the water to further emulate the feeling of rain falling from the clouds.

    Some shower heads require a considerable amount of space for effective operation. The Rainsky E ceiling mounted shower head, for example, is over 32 inches wide and will need a shower large enough to make it effective.

    Ceiling shower heads can be either flush mounted or hanging designs. Flush mounted models are recessed into the ceiling while hanging models can vary in size. Hanging shower heads give you more freedom of adjustability, while flush mount units have a cleaner look.

    Some models, such as the Grohe Freehander, can even swivel between an overhead placement and a lower body-spray option. The shower heads are mounted on an arm that can be positioned freely, either above your head or down lower on your body.

    Many rain shower heads are as much about form as they are function. There are some very artistic designs that are a perfect fit for the most modern bathroom designs. And the prices of some of these units are also quite luxurious, reaching into the thousands of dollars.

    While some of these shower heads are priced out of reach of many people, they are becoming more affordable as companies expand their product lines. Many new homes are incorporating rain heads into their bathrooms, and that popularity leads the manufacturers to offer a wider and wider range of options.

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  • Are Frameless Shower Doors The Right Choice For Your Bathroom?

    Shower enclosures have changed quite a bit over the years. At one time, you simply had a curtain rod and shower curtain, and maybe a decorative pattern on the curtain. Then framed shower doors became popular. These doors were generally made from tempered glass with a thin metal frame around it. In recent years, frameless shower doors have become common, in part because of their improved aesthetics.

    A frameless shower door is essentially a sheet of tempered glass that either pivots on a hinge on the shower wall or another part of the shower stall or slides open. They tend to be thicker than framed doors, since they don’t have the benefit of the added strength of the frame itself. Frameless doors are generally about 1/4″ thick.

    Frameless doors are also heavier than framed models, again because they are thicker sheets of glass. This added weight is a consideration when installing them since the structural integrity of the shower needs to be able to handle the weight.

    Another byproduct of the thicker glass is that frameless shower doors are generally 40% to 50% more expensive than typical framed doors. And because there is no frame on the glass, frameless doors are generally easier when it comes to cleaning.

    When choosing between the two types of doors there are a couple of things to consider. The first is how close the shower head is to the doors. A framed door seals itself shut using both magnetic strips and rubber seals. This will help stop water from splashing out of the shower and onto the floor or other bathroom fixtures. Frameless doors typically have a quarter of an inch gap around to door, on pivoting designs at least, so if the shower head is close to it you will find that water escapes through the gap. If you choose a sliding frameless design this is less of an issue since the two doors will overlap to a certain degree.

    The other major consideration is whether your shower setup will work for a frame-less door. Doors with a metal frame can be installed at practically any angle where the hinges on frame-less doors must be installed to be in a particular position when the door is closed. The door needs to rest at 90, 135, or 180 degrees to the hinge panel, limiting the number of ways it can be installed.

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  • The Many Options For Modern Bathroom Vanities

    Modern bathroom vanities have changed significantly from the ones you would have found, even just a few years ago. There are many different styles and designs, in various contemporary materials and finishes. Tempered glass is a popular material at the moment, with modern vanities offering glass countertops and even glass sinks.

    The designs available will match almost any type of decor, whether you’re looking for something that looks like an antique chest or the most modern looking designs. There are also a wide variety of colors and patterns available to suit any bathroom.

    Many modern bathroom vanities follow minimalistic styling cues, with no visible hardware on the cabinets. These type of vanities generally use touch latches for doors and drawers. Another popular option is to do away with the toe kick, giving the vanity the appearance of “floating”. Adding lighting underneath the vanity can also enhance this effect.

    Regardless of the style and design you choose for your vanity, keep in mind that function is still important. If it doesn’t fulfill your needs, it isn’t going to matter how great it looks.

    The primary function of a bathroom vanity is storage, in most cases. Taking advantage of the space under the sink for storage or even as a small linen cupboard is a sensible use of the space. However, if you choose a small vanity or even a pedestal sink with no storage, you can opt for alternative storage options like a corner cabinet or above-the-toilet shelves.

    When choosing a vanity for your bathroom, one of the things you will need to decide on is its height. If the bathroom is going to be used by children regularly, 30″ is a good height to make it easily accessible for them. For adult use, most vanities range between 34 inches and 36 inches. A bathroom vanity should be tall enough that you can reach the sink comfortably, otherwise you will be bending over every time you use it.

    Another consideration is the building material used. Ideally, your bathroom vanity should be made from plywood. Particleboard and MDF are not good materials because they will expand if they get wet. Even if the surface is well sealed against water damage, if you ever have a leak in the pipes or under the sink, it can damage the vanity.

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  • Choosing & Maintaining Bemis Toilet Seats

    Bemis toilet seats are one of the most popular brands of these admittedly unexciting products. Sure, we all use them every day but when was the last time you really gave them any thought? Fortunately, Bemis does give them some thought and they have designed some interesting types of seats.

    Bemis offers toilet seats in several different product lines:

    – Commercial
    – Hard
    – Medic-Aid
    – Soft
    – Toilet Training

    Their commercial seats come in styles, materials and designs that are suited for commercial use. They’re more durable than some of the other lines, but they’re also quite plain – they offer function over form.

    Bemis’ hard toilet seats are still quite durable, as well as easy-to-clean. They come in many more designs and styles than the commercial seats however, including both plastic and wood with various shapes (square, round, oval, etc), designer colors and decorative patterns on the lid.

    Their Medic-Aid line offers various safety features for people with special needs. This includes things like a raised seat, to add additional height above the toilet bowl and side-arm seats for people with a handicap that makes it difficult for them to stand up or sit down without assistance.

    Bemis’ soft toilet seats are made from padded anti-bacterial vinyl, for extra comfort. These seats are also available in various styles and patterns.

    The toilet training seats are smaller seats that fit over top of the regular toilet seat, for toddlers who are learning to use the “big people’s” toilet but are still a little small for the regular seat.

    Maintaining Your Toilet Seats

    Toilet seats are something that can be replaced fairly easily by any homeowner – you don’t need to hire a plumber of handyman to do it. But having said that, with some proper maintenance your seat should last for many years.

    Molded wood and soft seats are best cleaned with mild soap and water. If you’re concerned about bacteria, a mild antiseptic cleaner can also be used. Abrasive pads, scouring powders or other abrasive cleaners should not be used, as they can damage the finish.

    Solid plastic seats should also be cleaned with mild soap and water. Abrasive cleaners should again be avoided because of potential damage to the finish, but pine oils, chlorine and other detergents should not be used either since they can damage the plastic.

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  • Why Choose American Standard Toilets?

    American Standard is one of the biggest brands in the plumbing and bathroom markets. Their Champion models have become quite popular over the past few years, having become well known as the “no-clog” toilet.

    These American Standard toilets are effective because of the design they use. Rather than a standard flap stopper, American Standard came up with a flush tower that lifts straight up, forcing water into the toilet bowl for an instant powerful flushing action.

    They’re so confident in the design of the Champion series that they show them on their website filled with things like a bunch of golf balls, bunched-up rags and various other things. In spite of the amount of “stuff” in these toilets, they still drain just fine.

    Champion toilets also have a larger outlet than many other toilets – 2 3/8″ – which allows more water to flow without any resistance. While the amount of water used per flush is the same as other toilets, at 1.6 gallons, the power is much more effective. The result being less clogs.

    Another popular model that is similar to the American Standard Champion is the Crane Sure Flush toilet. It also uses a larger, flapperless flush valve and a larger trapway to avoid clogs.

    Both Crane and American Standard toilets tend to get pretty good reviews from people who are using them. They start at roughly the $200 mark at most larger home centers, and the prices rise for the fancier models.

    If you’re looking for reviews and feedback about American Standard or various other brands, there are several places you can look on the internet. lets people post reviews and ratings and is a good place to get feedback from people actually using the toilets.

    Consumer Reports is another good source of comparison information. You might have to search through recent back issues to find the most recent review of toilets, but most public libraries have this magazine and keep back issues on file. You can also check their website to get the information online.

    When buying a toilet you have a couple of options. Most home improvement stores, like Lowes or Home Depot, carry various models and brands of toilets, as do local plumbing supply stores. But if you know the specific model and brand you want, it can be less expensive to order online from or another website and have it delivered directly to your home.

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  • Upgrade Your Bathroom With Bathtub Surrounds

    Bathtub surrounds are an economical and relatively easy to install way to upgrade the look of your bathtub and bathroom overall. A bathtub surround, which is also known as a tub wall or wall kit, is a surrounding wall that reaches from the end of the tub to the ceiling. They generally have three sides, with an open side where you can get into and out of the tub.

    Why Use Bathtub Surrounds?

    A bathtub surround is an inexpensive and simple way to update the look of your bathroom. They can be inserted into an existing tub without having to remove the entire bathtub and start from scratch.

    The surround also provides a watertight barrier for the walls around your bathtub. This helps to protect them from water damage.

    Bathtub surrounds can also be installed over virtually any surface material. Whether the walls in your bathroom are plaster, cement, drywall or even tile, a surround can be installed.

    These surrounds are also easy to maintain. Because they are a solid surface that is watertight, they can be washed with virtually any type of cleaning agent.

    Installation Tips For Bathtub Surrounds

    When installing a bathtub surround it’s critical that it is done properly to ensure that the seal is watertight and the surround won’t come loose over time. When installing one of these tub liners, here are several important tips:

    – Remove all fixtures from the walls where the surround will be installed. This includes taps, showerheads, soap trays, etc.

    – Patch or repair the walls if necessary to ensure a flat, smooth surface for installing the surround.

    – Measure the locations and sizes of any fixtures you removed and cut the appropriate holes in the tub liner before installing it.

    – Insert the surround panels temporarily and check the alignment of all fixtures and other accessories.

    – Once you have confirmed the placement of the surround, use an adhesive to install it permanently. Some panels even have peel-and-stick tape that can be used to affix the surround to the walls. And remember to give the adhesive enough time to cure before exposing it to any type of moisture.

    Most surround kits include specific instructions for installing them properly. Make sure to read through these instructions before beginning the installation, and have them on hand to refer to during the process as well.

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  • The Latest In Bathroom Fixtures

    When most people think of bathroom fixtures, the obvious things come to mind – bathtubs, toilets, showers and sinks. But there are other fixtures to choose as well, and many different styles and designs to choose from. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, or are building one from scratch, you’ve got a lot of options to consider.

    Sinks come in various designs. You can choose a pedestal sink or a bathroom vanity. There are ceramic, stone, acrylic or even tempered glass sinks. And of course you also have various choices for bathroom faucets.

    Even toilets come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. You can get high efficiency toilets that use less water per flush, self-flushing models and even designs that are made to fit in a corner.

    Bathtubs also come in many different sizes and styles, from classic claw-foot tubs to the most modern jacuzzi designs. There are also specialty handicap bathtubs and walk-in designs for people who aren’t able to get in and out of a standard tub very easily.

    Showers can be integrated with a bathtub or a separate stall. These shower stalls can be prefabricated units that come in one piece, ready to install, or they can be custom designed tile units, designed exactly the way you want.

    When you’re remodelling a bathroom or designing one from scratch, you’ll have lots of decisions to make. Cost will probably be one factor you’ll have to consider, but make sure you keep function in mind as well. Many contemporary designs are more about form than function, and while they might look great, having bathroom fixtures that work for you is really more important. Finding a happy medium between the two is the ideal situation.

    You’ll also want to keep in mind that your bathroom will likely be the same for years to come. Many modern designs that are in style today may not be for long, while more traditional styles – while not as impressive today – are more likely to remain stylish for years to come.

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  • Choosing The Right Bathroom Shower Stalls

    If you’re remodeling your bathroom, or building a new one, one of the decisions you’ll likely be making is what type of shower to install. Bathroom shower stalls can be one of two main types – a prefabricated unit that is basically ready to install or a tile stall that is built from scratch.

    Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Prefabricated stalls are typically much easier to install, to the point where a do-it-yourselfer can do the work. Tile stalls, on the other hand, are much more labor-intensive and will need to be done by a tile-setter.

    Traditionally, prefabricated shower kits have been considered a lesser quality option, due to limited colors and designs. But over the past several years, they have come a long way towards matching tile showers in the number of design options and styles available.

    Most modern prefab showers are made from fiberglass, acrylic or tempered glass. Fiberglass and acrylic stalls have the advantage of being able to repair them if they’re damaged in some way. You can either do spot repairs or install a liner to cover up any damage. Liners are typically considered inferior to a replacement, or spot repairs, but they are less expensive than a full replacement.

    Prefabricated shower stalls are generally less expensive than a tile shower and they are also more flexible, which means they are much less likely to develop leaks if the floor shifts with the settling of the house or for some other reason.

    Tile showers, on the other hand, give you much more freedom of design, since they are being built from scratch. They can also be built to fit any space, where prefab units generally come in specific sizes.

    Tile showers are often easier to manage for remodels because they are built in place. Getting a full-size prefabricated shower through existing doors can sometimes be a problem.

    Tile also tends to have a little better resale value, so if you expect to be selling your home anytime soon they can be a better option in the long run.

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