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U Shaped Kitchens
are Ideal for women who enjoy spending more time in Kitchens. These are the most efficient type of modular kitchen,
where you can avail maximum space. It can accommodate maximum utility items and storage space. It gives plenty of
space to enjoy cooking leisurely.

Parallel kitchen or Chennai Kitchen
Ideal for kitchen space with smaller / lesser breadth. Most of the Apartments build today has lengthier than Breadth.
These are the kitchens where the workspace is optimized

L Shaped kitchen
are Ideal for Kitchen & Dinning , these are the modular kitchens where you can enjoy cooking in smaller space with
increased functionality. These are very comfort and Stylish

Island kitchens
are a home by itself. It requires more space and accommodates dinning, leisure, browsing, charting etc.,
These are very rich and Leisure

Fast Kitchens
Ideal for working women who spends very less time or busy cooking. These kitchens are extremely customized based
on the person who cooks, type or cooking etc., These are very trendy and faster.

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