Modelling Tips From Tyra Banks

When you pose, even if you look good at that angle, it doesn’t mean that you are doing the right thing. This is something that you should keep in mind, especially if you will go for a modelling audition might as well they have some cheap diamond engagement rings for women. You’ll be out of the list if you would disregard any of this. The panel of judges that would critique your overall impact as a fashion model, will greatly influenced the discipline and effort you are putting in yourself. Nevertheless, these are the proper ethics and guidelines every model must keep in their minds.

If you want to be naturally beautiful in a pose, make sure that you are emphasizing your neck. When you are to elongate your neck, their will be proper execution of your facial attributes that would complement the clothing you are wearing. Avoid yourself from slouching as it signifies less confidence, always pull yourself together and pose with conviction and proud. This could draw more attention and you would gain a positive feedback from the studio staffs. Cool right?

A major turn off to those models who are not clean and neat during the photoshoot. Yes, it would make you less productive. Bare in mind that the role of a model is not to campaign the brand she is wearing, but the possession of beauty in terms of a ladylike with clean cuts and face during the process. There is no doubt about this thing anyway. Some says models plays spin the bottle shot roulette before doing the photoshoot.

Make a positive relationship with everyone in the room. Although, you don’t have to be the clingy-type, but maintain a good ambiance inside the studio, so that you’ll be able to work without the too much tension on your shoulders. Lastly, you can even ask the staffs to make play of your favorite music to motivate yourself in the photoshoot.

There are no natural-born models, it takes a model to be confident within oneself to achieve the greatest passion in through the fashion industry.-

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A Guide to Manliness_ Men’s Accessories―Necklace

Men are known for being masculine and self-driven person. This is because they put too much effort to look pleasantly to the other’s eyes. So, if they would feel comfortable and handsome at the same time, it would actually help them to be confident in a positive manner.

However, it is inevitable that there are instances that men would feel like it’s the end of the world, because they didn’t seem to have the confidence in theirself. Nevertheless, in Sattaj creations, men won’t felt that way, because of the variety of jewelries like silver engagement rings for women to choose from according to their own liking. This would help them to be boost their confidence, because a simple jewelry could highlight the masculinity of a man.

Here are few of the things that would help a man to be comfortable by just wearing a men’s accessorynecklace. Or better yet look for best online clothing stores.

Effortless Hunk

If you are in doubt, choose the simplest necklace, because there’s a possibility that if you get pressured, your day won’t happen the way you expect them to be. When hesitant, this is already giving you signals of your never-ending what if’s, that would result to not feeling comfortable at all. The simplicity of a person could actually attract others. Even if the necklace doesn’t have so much colors in it, but what matters is how you wear and bring it as if you are slaying it.  A hunk doesn’t require too much pressure of work on himself to look handsome.

Metal Composition

Honestly, there are different class of metal that is used in making a necklace for men. Some of which are depending on the purpose of using it and it could even give a reaction to the skin if there are allergic retort to the body. Even an accessory like necklaces always have a corresponding metal and usage, this is to have better complementation.

Further, below are common types of metal that is used in making necklaces:


  • Silver- This type of metal requires more care because it easily gets tarnishes unlike the other precious metals. It consists of silver (92.5 percent) and copper (7.5 percent) in a frame of sterling silver.
  • Gold- A type of jewelry like gold is made up of other metals like silver, copper, nickel, zinc and an alloy of gold. The gold content is actually measured in Carats (ct) or Karats (K) and the more the content consists of higher proportion of any types of gold in its finest metal, the more it costs expensively.
  • Base Metal- Iron, copper, nickel and titanium are an example of base metals. They may be hammered beautifully in disc pendants, however they easily get brittled due to oxidation.


Necklaces are for him also

The idea of necklaces are for women only has been running for ages already and up to this day, most men would think that necklaces would make them look like gay. This is stereotyping already without any reliable and fact evidences. The reason why, most men would be very hesitant in going to a jewelry shop even if it’s intended for males.


The things that were mentioned above are the guidelines that SEO Cebu follows. On the other hand in choosing necklaces to enhance confidence for men at the same time. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the way the necklace is carried in a handsome manner, in this way men’s accessories is a problem no more.